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About us

Who we are?

Mogdesign, founded in 2005, is a leading central European agency for design & web development services based on Drupal (open-source CMS), located in Slovakia. Our team of 10 talented and established designers & developers gained experience from numerous large projects for clients on every continent (well, except Antarctica).

We are professional and passionate about our work - our customers say that working with us is an incredible experience.

What are we best at?

  • Performance optimization

    Scale your business and secure a pleasant user experience with smooth and balanced website loading times. Our recent project resulted in improving a large website performance by 1500%.

  • Multilingual platforms

    Leverage the power of Drupal's translation framework to reach your community and customers across the globe. We have developed a project which turned out to be the largest Drupal multi language platform.

  • System integrations

    Integrate multiple systems into a robust web application to provide a thorough solution for your business. Our recent project integrates over 140 websites to build a complex resources library.

  • Large scale deployments

    Save your time and money with managing and updating multiple websites at once and use it to continue adding new functionality and expand the reach of your platform.

We also provide business, strategy and user experience consulting and visual design services.

Mogdesign is proud to be the only Slovak development and Drupal training partner of Acquia. Acquia, co-founded by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert, provides products, services, and technical support for the Drupal content management system.