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July, 17 2014

Although Google prefers content rich sites, people in general are not willing to read long articles. They start to tire after two or three paragraphs maybe.

Of course, the Internet absorbs the quantum of `how to create the catchiest content ever` articles every day.
Well, this isn’t one of them, don’t worry.

May, 22 2014

Over the last few months, Mogdesign has done some serious work for companies and individuals from various countries all around the world. What work exactly?

Let´s see: the Mogdesign team developed a platform which manages 140+ websites of the GEW partner countries; worked hard on the Tycoon System website which more than 5000 members visit every day; and built a Global Entrepreneurship Library for entrepreneurs.

March, 17 2014

Are you an entrepreneur, investor, researcher, business leader or policymaker whose intention is to serve in the economic sphere? Are there some really helpful and innovative ideas on your mind, but you don't have the right resources which would help you to realize them?