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Our Approach

We ask the right questions, listen closely to your answers to find out who your target audience is, what is the business objective and how can we help to meet your goals in the best possible way.

In the next step, our information architecture specialists will create wireframes which determine the placement of the website features, making the user visit a smooth experience.

Drupal configuration starts right after your wireframes are signed off. Our application specialists create blocks, panels, views, code, build and install modules to provide the required functionality.

We will use our creative skills and design the websites homepage. Once approved, we'll design secondary pages with different content types (e.g. pages, projects, stories, webforms, articles or feeds) according to your needs.

After we get a green light on the visual design, we slice and code the design into a functional Drupal theme, transforming a page full of a code to a beautiful Drupal website.

Our websites are tested across the modern web browsers. Our quality manager keeps a close eye on the most important and advanced features to make sure that all parts of your website work properly.

When all the testing work is done, we deploy the website to the high performance, reliable hosting server, provided by us or by the client.

To ensure continuous performance and stability of your website Mogdesign offers a technical support and maintenance plans. We are a partner of Acquia, co-founded by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert, who provides products, services, and technical support for for our enterprise solutions.