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Why Drupal?

Mogdesign and Drupal

If you decide to utilize our services you will take advantage of our expertise in using Drupal CMS Open Source Solution. We are an active part of the Drupal community in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where we contribute by sharing our knowledge through training sessions and workshops.

Why should you go with Drupal?

Drupal is a open source content management system that many well respected companies are using today to provide for their needs. Drupal's many features and add-ons allow it to be used for a variety of website purposes like: Company Presentation, Marketing, Social Networking, Intranet, Community & Government Portal and others.

If a needed feature is not currently available, there is always a professional solution possible. The Drupal community offers almost unlimited resources of specialized developers. Drupal has an access control system that it can be easily applied to your organizational structure. Overall, Drupal is a good choice for today's companies of any size because it is free, easy, and incredibly flexible. It is the number one choice for many well respected companies, organizations and music stars: